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The standard Joomla install looks pretty bland, and think how boring the web would be if all these Joomla sites all looked the same. That is where templates come in. Templates allow you to completely changethe layout and look of your Joomla site, and with a little bit of work you end up with an individual site just for you. There are many places where you can get Joomla templates, but I've reviewed the best of them for you right here.



Joomla Template Reviews




It's difficult to know the best product to purchase when there are so many to choose from.

At, we mean it when we say "We find the best so you can ignore the restTM". We've done the research and testing for you.  We've spent countless hours researching, organizing, and comparing.   We display our findings by indicating our Editor's Choice Award, adn by ranking, and comparing products side by side in a detailed comparison chart.

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