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The standard Joomla install looks pretty bland, and think how boring the web would be if all these Joomla sites all looked the same. That is where templates come in. Templates allow you to completely changethe layout and look of your Joomla site, and with a little bit of work you end up with an individual site just for you. There are many places where you can get Joomla templates, but I've reviewed the best of them for you right here.



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54 current templates+ 24 more every year. 2 templates released every month

Modern design with Usability & Accessibility, W3C Web standards compliance

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Joomlart Detailed Review:

About JoomlArt

JoomlArt is another of the long standing Joomla template clubs. They are one of the more prolific template clubs, pumping out two new templates every month. There templates are consistently of a very good quality, and every now and then they design a template that is absolutely stunning.

What version of Joomla do the templates work on - Joomla 1.x or 1.5 ?

Up until recently, all JoomlArt templates have been compatible with Joomla 1.x and 1.5. However, as of their June release it appears that they are no longer provide 1.x templates. While this is a shame, it is understandable. The two different versions of Joomla vary quite a bit, and it can be difficult to develop templates that work properly in each version. If you are still using Joomla 1.x on your site you will need to be sure that the template you wish to use is available for you.

How many template are there and how often do they get updated?

There is currently 54 templates available. JoomlArt release two themes per month, so that number is growing very quickly.

How good are the templates and how much can I customise them?

JoomlArt's templates are highly stylised and usually are based on a certain theme or subject for each release (e.g. business, summer, mysterious, arty etc). Each template is then provided with various colour choices to suit. They do not offer the flexibility of some other club's offerings, but this does have the upside that the modules you choose to use will always fit well into the grand scheme of things. All source files are provided so if you have some graphic skills you can edit the template to your own preference with a bit of work.

What other features and bonuses are offered?

Bundled with most templates are some free extensions required to provided the full functionality of the design. They do offer a small range of additional free components to members. They also provide a bundled installer so you can install the template and the current version of Joomla at the same time. This save you a lot of time install the template and getting it configured to look like the demo.

JoomlArt also has a thriving user community, much like RocketTheme. Their forums are a fantastic place to find support, advice and even find people who can help you customise your template further.

My Opinion

I think Rocket Theme is only bettered by JoomlArt in regards to the template quality and their usability. However the shear amount of template and the variety of styles in their templates means there is something for everyone. One of the pack leaders, JoomlArt is a very good choice.
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