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The standard Joomla install looks pretty bland, and think how boring the web would be if all these Joomla sites all looked the same. That is where templates come in. Templates allow you to completely changethe layout and look of your Joomla site, and with a little bit of work you end up with an individual site just for you. There are many places where you can get Joomla templates, but I've reviewed the best of them for you right here.



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Included with Rocket Theme Joomla Club Membership

Currently 12 stylish template mods available

Source PNG files included

Rocket Theme Detailed Review:

About Rocket Theme

Rocket Theme is one of the most well established template providers for Joomla! In fact, one of their main designers is a member of the core Joomla! development team. Rocket Theme members tend to be fanatical supports of the site, which says alot about the user community that has built around the excellent support provded on their forums.

Almost all the templates come with free components and modules to get the most out of your Joomla sites, and they were first to proved an easy install solution (they call it their RocketLauncher) that not only installs Joomla on your server, but installs the template, components and modules along with demonstration content to get you up and running with a minimum of fuss

What version of Joomla do the templates work on - Joomla 1.x or 1.5 ?

There is still a huge amount of Joomla sites out there using the older Joomla 1.x as there are some great components still not available for Joomla 1.5. Rocket Theme know this, so all of their new themes are both 1.x and 1.5 compatible. However if you are using Joomla 1.5 and it's advanced features you get an extra level of usability and features from your Rocket Theme template. If you like some of their older templates and use 1.5 then don't worry, the older templates are being converted to 1.5 with added features.

How many template are there and how often do they get updated?

A lot. As of June 2008 there is 67 and you get access to all of them. Rocket Theme release a new template every month, and each one seems to top the previous. That means if you join today for a year, before your membership expires you will have access to 79 professional Joomla templates

How good are the templates and how much can I customise them?

Rocket Theme's templates, especially the past 12 months, have been some of the most versatile and customisable templates on the market. In fact, they sometimes suffer from being too complex due to the amount of customisations that can be done. They provide you with numerous variety in module styles and module positions, and this allows you to take the basic Rocket Theme template and turn it into something unique for your site. Want to make it even more custom? Then leave a message in the forum and have one of the developers help you out with your custom changes.On top of that all source files are supplied so you can easily customise the template further to suit your needs.

What other features and bonuses are offered?

One of the strongest point is the previously mentioned user forum. Here you have access to not only the template developers, but hundreds of users who are all more than willing to help each other out.Also you have access to some specially modified versions of their templates suited to specific uses (video game web sites for example), as well as a collection of free Joomla components and modules.

My Opinion

Rocket Theme is probably my favourite template club at the moment. They provide first class templates, with great features yet manage to maintain the ability to customise the site for your individual stylings. Many times I have been stuck for inspiration for a web site design and played around with a Rocket Theme template and come up with something striking and individual. Although like most template clubs the limited license is a setback, I consider the expense worth it for access to such a great user and support community. If you do only join one tempate club, it is hard to go past Rocket Theme.
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